There are an alarmingly high number of men who do not have a clear understanding of what healthy parenting entails. Reasons for this uncertainty include a variety of adverse conditions such as the absence of healthy experiences with their own fathers, trauma, mental health, criminal history, low feelings of self-worth, and the belief that their children will somehow have a better life trajectory without them. The root causes of ineffective parenting must be prioritized and provided with individualized and holistic solutions. Fathers are in need of holistic and individualized programming that supports and equips them to navigate through specific challenges. Tune in Every Sunday from 1pm - 2pm as we discuss Fatherhood issues and solutions.

LARRY HIGGINBOTTOM with Families Do Matter

Helping Families Develop Underlying Values That Embrace A Healthy World View The Osiris Group Parent Company was formed to offer to the Black community culturally competent mental health practitioners who practice their craft from an Afro-centric paradigm. We believe that the psychological, emotional and spiritual needs of our clients can best be served by individuals who reflect their ethnicity. The Osiris Group practitioner’s focus is on teaching our client(s) to live in the present without allowing any past human deficits to become permanent stumbling blocks. The Osiris Family Institute, LLC was formed to provide the extended and ongoing family support and information needed in creating the type of home climate and environment that is conducive to positive and productive intergenerational relationships, personal growth, child rearing & learning.


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